Pause - 25/08/2012

As of late I've been aproaching the limit of what I can do in my free time without reaching complete burnout, and I have no intention of reaching that limit. I am therefore putting Caeros on a one month hold while work and school settles down. I'll most likely work on Caeros in this time, but (hopefully) with less pressure.

Weekly Update #5 - 20/08/2012

Sadly, the last week has been low on Caeros work. The work done has, again, mostly been behind the scenes, but including a decent amount of design work as well. During the week there should be some basic enemy designs posted on this site.

At the moment the planned enemies are:

The basic, common enemy. Attacks installations and defenses. Named for the ship's distinctive shape.
A tougher, faster version of the Dart ship sent in towards specific targets.
A spy ship with an advanced cloak that gathers information about player defences.
Basically a long railgun with engines, which gives it a very needle-like appearance.
A portable shield generator.
A boarding ship, which attempts to land on and attack asteroids directly.
A fast, light ship that intersects transports and steals their resources.
A mid-sized, heavily armored ship that positions itself between asteroid power stations and leeches energy.
A large command unit that stays back to coordinate attacks.
A large but slow ship packed with missile-launchers.
A deceptive ship that launches and controls several decoy Darts.

Weekly Update #4 - 13/08/2012

This week I'll stick to text. There's been quite a lot of changes a lot of refactoring, but not much visually. At least the project is now tracked using git.

Weekly Update #3 - 06/08/2012

(For some reason the preview for this video shows up heavily overexposed due to Youtube's meddling)

It would appear that these updates have become a regular thing now. This week's update brings ...

  • Basic GUI system up and running.
  • Improved camera control.
  • Basic asteroid structure functionality.
  • Basic asteroid interaction working.

... I think. I loose track of edits at times and I've yet to throw git at the project, which I probably should now that's it's gotten reasonably developed.

Caeros Network Update - 30/07/2012

The power network and distribution now works. The system automatically routes power across the asteroids and you can see how the power flows by the now animated connections.

I've also added a simple skybox and camera controls.

Site Restructuring - 27/07/2012

Expanded the website and created a progress page. Informative updates, such as this one, will now be added to the 'Blog' section. The progress page, which is mostly for my own benefit, contains a progress-/check-/todolist.

Initial Graphics Test - 24/07/2012

I put together some nice test graphics for Caeros and recorded a short video that is now on Youtube, and below.

This is the first video I have ever recorded, so appologies for the not quite perfect quality and format.

Now, about the video. The focus here was mainly on the appearance of the asteroids and power network (the red lines). At the moment both the geometry and texturing (and of course the lighting) of the asteroids are entirely GPU-computed. For the record, the GLSL shader code for something like this is actually quite simple.

The skybox in the background is right now not really a skybox, though it does looks good from most angles.

The nice numbers are some statistics from the beginnings of the power network mechanics. More on that later.